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About EleaWave

EleaWave is a global leader in custom software development and technology consulting. We solve complex business challenges through enterprise web and mobile solutions. Since our inception in 2016, we have pioneered custom solutions that have become central components in our client’s business success. Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to partner with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget.

Our Services

The way businesses depend on software have undergone a notable shift as more emphasis is given on tools that resolve day-to-day business challenges and nurture productivity. Earlier SaaS was the key model that companies adopted, but that is no longer the case considering increased costs, limited customizations and vague data ownership terms. Moreover, as business workflows become more elaborate, custom software that can solve business needs without having to work around the limitations of off-the-shelf software become necessary.

Web Application Development

We empower our clients with adaptive web applications built using open-source and proprietary web technologies and practices to simplify complex business workflows.

Mobile Application Development

Companies that provide mobile communication options for their consumers, employees, or business clients are better able to grow their revenues.

SaaS Application Development

Our development team takes note of each of our clients' needs and build powerful web applications with scalable features. In this way, businesses can better streamline their daily operations and processes to fulfill key challenges and achieve targeted goals.

Enterprise Software Development

Our technical expertise makes your business more agile while improving productivity and enhancing customer experience.

Infrastructure Management

An agile and scalable infrastructure is critical for generating sustained business success. From enterprise cloud strategies to integrated server implementation EleaWave can help you create a robust foundation to run your business better.

Email Marketing

Service providers know email is integral to the value they deliver. It’s what drives customer engagement and growth, and it’s key to functional capabilities like notifications and workflow.

EleaWave's Technology

Equipping employees with the digital tools they need to deliver the most for a business is never easy. It’s not enough that solutions be secure, reliable, adaptable, and resilient. They must be easy to use. So it is important that the solution uses proven technologies and be built by experienced personnel.

EleaWave can equip a business with the next-generation business platform. We have helped all types of businesses, use mobile devices, optimize the use of data, leverage the power of the Internet, integrate with enterprise systems, and to drive their marketing with social media. Contact us now to explore how we can help your business capitalize on the latest technology

Our Approach

EleaWave’s expertise in consulting helped identify major challenges through User Needs Analysis process, surveys etc. and was combined with the output from technology analysis process to arrive at possible recommendations. Top solutions were finally recommended, taking into account the long term IT roadmap, cost/budget constraints, employee competence and the timeline for deployment.

Quantitative Analytics

We assist companies across a wide range of industries in selecting appropriate marketing strategies and infrastructure to create cost efficiencies, optimize marketing, and maximize message deliverability by conducting operations research, and statistical and quantitative analytics of large data sets.

Strategic Research

We assist sales and marketing organizations across industries in effectively targeting and supporting their sales and marketing efforts through this service. EleaWave tracks and benchmarks competitors to conduct analyses, and provide marketing intelligence that encompasses the evaluation companies.

We focus on a convergence of technology and consulting to create innovative web applications delivering secure, scalable and intuitive functionality to your end users.
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